SwaaS : A Fresh Life For Website

By Pradeep Under Work

SwaaS : A breath of fresh air. In deed the tagline of the company gave us a fresh insight when the SwaaS team approached us with an idea of website revamp. As always, our rendezvous happened at Coffee Day on a perfect evening. And yes, a lot happened over a cup of coffee that day and that’s exactly when our stint with SwaaS team began.

Reincarnation of WriterZoneIndia

By Gogula Rajaprabhu Under Testimonials

Passion is obscured in almost everyone which could be mined only when we happen to get the right pop up in life. For its discovery, an ignition is indeed needed for everyone. WriterZoneIndia (WZI) has inducted the greatest passion of my life towards writing which remained unknown until I had become a part of it. Every writer of WZI might have got the same realization.

An open letter to GCT - Voice with-in

By Pradeep Under Bed Time Stories

We asked a couple of our B-School friends a few years back, "so, my friends, what make your B-School stand out from the rest of the engineering institutions or the college you studied? “ And not to anyone's surprise, their answer was very simple “Exposure is very good in B-schools and people are allowed to explore new opportunities, Entrepreneurship, blah.. blah.. blah.. "

GRE Mnemonics - A lite weight app to build your vocabulary

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All Silver Tea Cups!  Wonder if students are still being taught Trigonometry in this way but still, I remember the days when my Math teacher taught me this small trick to remember the signs of the trigonometric ratios in a quadrant. Not only that, many biological jargons were once my favorite imaginative captions that I use to recollect during my exams. 

PyroBootstrap Theme Template to kick-start your design process

By Pradeep Under Freebies

A HTML5, CSS3 resonsive theme template for PyroCMS to kick-start your design process that has Bootstrap inside. Bootstrap supports scaffolding, css, js components and plugins that will actually make your development a freaking awesome.

Finally, we fed our Jimmy! Portfolio is live now!

By Pradeep Under Announcements

Finally we fed our Jimmy and here it goes our portfolio!!! The new portfolio module is built on top of PyroCMS and we are planning to add it to PyroCMS store.

The journey with WriterZoneIndia - Sangarsh 2011, RCEG

By Gogula Rajaprabhu Under Testimonials

The entire Sangarsh team was quite impressed from the teaser they created for our website to the actual website they designed. We are very happy that WriterZoneIndia lended their hand of support to join us for our cause to transform the lives

How my tryst with WriterZoneIndia began - Nethra Ram

By Gogula Rajaprabhu Under Testimonials

WZI is probably THE dream working experience that everyone covets and with bosses in the form of friends, the claim is only justified.

Another year to celebrate for the cause – Sangarsh 2012

By Gogula Rajaprabhu Under Work

Sangarsh is an annual community service project conducted by Rotaract club of Anna University Chennai. Last year, they approached us for having a dedicated website for their initiative. We teamed up with them and worked closely to promote their event through online medium.  We created a peppy website and branded their event through the social media bandwagon.

We’re in the Android market too! iDo-ChennaiTrainDroid(CTD), an app for Chennai commuters

By Gogula Rajaprabhu Under Work

iDo is the apple of our eye at netpines. At many instances, iDo sounds like popular i-stuffs in the market! Indeed, iDo is the mobile app development wing and innovation junkyard of netpines